Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report - Q2 2018


Cryptocurrency AML Regulation Grows Globally in Response to Increasing Exchange Theft, Crypto Used in Crimes, and a Related Rise in Money Laundering

The phenomenal growth in the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin over recent years has attracted investors, speculators, and thieves. In the last two years alone, some of the best and brightest criminal minds made off with $1.2  billion in cryptocurrency from exchanges. 

Key takeaways
  • In Q1and Q2 of 2018, nearly three times as much cryptocurrency was stolen as in all of 2017
  • Cyber extortionists, dark markets and ransomware perpetrators prefer bitcoin
  • Crypto money laundering is enabled by mixers, chain hopping and privacy coins
  • US FinCEN will enforce Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations globally
  • AML regulation and international cooperation is a FATF priority